T Max Always Packin'

At 6'7” and 300 lbs with a size 17 ring finger, TMax invokes varying degrees of ah, reverence and even fear when one first meets him. He's one of the few people I trust to back me up, and he's watched my back on more than one occasion as his presence had a sobering affect when I, back in the day, had to collect large amounts of money from clients who are down right calculating in their assumptions that I would go through the legal system to get paid—they were wrong.

TMax is the inspiration of my latest piece, a 863 lb. hand gun vault. “TMax Always Packin'” has been a labor of extreme gratification. It's taken over 2,000 labor hours and many miles of riding together to capture the TMax that most people will never know—the man who's quick and vibrant intelligence is galvanized to his sheer brute strength. The man who's kind eyes and big soft beard cause women to think he is just a big, loveable teddy bear. A description that suits him since his given name is Ted.

In all my years of riding with TMax, I have never grown accustomed to the way that most women react to him. It's truly remarkable. When women first meet TMax, they are taken aback when he refuses to shake hands with them and asks if he can say hello his way—an astounding bear hug. The unsuspecting women soon realize it's much too late to say no with their feet dangling 2' off the ground and their faces embedded in his beard. What's even more perplexing to me, after having witnessed countless numbers of this very special hello, is that when saying good-bye to TMax, 90% of these women will ask for another bear hug for the road. What a chick magnet!

Most of these women and others leave TMax feeling that they have just met someone very special. In the time that I have known TMax, he has never been without his 1911 open carry. His ever-growing arsenal not only inspired the vault portion of this piece, but also earned the piece's title of “TMax Always Packin'.” The vast size and weight of the piece is tribute to TMax's massive presence, while the alluring gentleness of his eyes and features gives a glimpse of his core goodness.

TMax, it is an honor to know you, brother!