Ted Schlicker
Partial Biography

Arizona Native

TMax has hung around bikers all of his life in fact, he is a 3 rd generation biker.

Soon after coming from the Fatherland, his grandfather rode a 45-delivery bike in Chicago, with which he courted TMax's grandmother.

TMax's father was a biker and one day slid out a crate full of parts from the carport and said, “Boy, here's your new bike!” It was a complete basket case Sportster 68 vintage. TMax was 15 years old. By age 16, he was riding the back roads of Apache Junction up to Tortilla Flats.

He chose the biker life because of the freedom to live by his own rules, but feels he is really a mountain man sentenced to do time in the Sonora Deserts of Arizona . He has but few friends and even fewer that he would call “my brother.”

“A brother,” he explains, “is someone I will drink with, ride with, fight beside and, if need be, die for.” Brother T Max is a patriot, a strong believer in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Holy Bible.

His credo: My family, My life, My brothers, My country, My candor and “you can kiss my ass if you are looking for a soft answer to a hard question.” Just ask his 3 great kids—Quart, Laura-Jean, and HughStan.

Military service: 10th Special Forces in Germany . TMax was one of the first ever issued the new Barrett 50 caliber sniper rifle—years before they were even authorize for regular units.

Current employment: construction super, Sergeant at Arms, and Arizona Chapter of the Night Riders.