TMax Sculpture
Benefits, Options & Details

Fact: People dialing 911 can misdial up to 3 times when they are under pressure. Enough said about the mind's ability to access even the simplest digital code in an emergency.

TMax incorporates state-of-the-art, biometric technology to safeguard your weapons and other valuable property, yet has swift access without the requirement to memorize numbers.

Biometrics are the physical traits of a person. Some examples are an individual's iris, voice, fingerprints, or photo features of a person, all digitally matched.

Fingerprint recognition is a very secure and fast process that can be used to determine a person's identity prior to performing a certain action. With the TMax Sculpture, it's used to access the vault.

The BioAxxis BD1 can enroll up to 30 users, 2 fingerprints each into memory. Once the 2 fingerprints are encrypted; they are secure and can never be stolen from the system. To capture or ch ang e an encrypted fingerprint is simple.

The features and benefits:

•  Quick access

•  State of the art technology

•  The Biometric lock is a work of art in and of itself

•  Floor bolts are concealed

•  With a 360 degree turntable; sculpture may be placed in the very corner of a room, reducing floor space required, yet will allow full viewing of the art itself

•  Viewers may never know of the vault exists as it is hidden under TMax's armor

•  Vault accessed by hidden pull latch

•  TMax is art first, the added biometric vault & 360 degree turn table is optional

The concept of securely storing your valuables which can be quickly accessed is particularly attractive to those who:

Please note that TMax is not a fire safe.

For technical support call 1- 315-635-5540