TMax Sculpture
Kinetic Specifications & Features

Weight: 863 lbs

Height: 65"

Bust Diameter: 30"

Pedestal: 16 OD solid 3/8 steel


T Max is suspended on two (2) 5 ½ OD bearings milled into the pedestal base

•  ang ular contact bearing rated at 10,200 lbs static load

•  ball bearing rated at 6,000 lbs dynamic load

36 floating sculpture disk: is ¾ solid steel suspended ¼ over a ¾ solid steel pedestal disk

Vault door & surround is 1 ½ solid steel milled & fitted with biometric lock deadbolt

Vault drawer: dimensions 6 7/16" x 17 1/2" x 6 1/2" with ¼ solid steel walls

Vault drawer weight: 50 lbs

Materials machined, milled & fitted with iron oxide patina & clear coat finish; vault drawer suspension is a rolling system of precision ball bearings, guide block & rails, cantilevered linear ball bearing block rated at 2,585 lbs dynamic (sliding load) precision ground raceways.

T-Max biometric security system info for the state of the art (Bio Axxis BD1):


  1. Industrial quality steel and hardware
  2. Easy biometric reconfiguration
  3. Spring loaded vault
  4. 1 ½ thick vault door and door face frame
  5. Cantilevered vault slider hardware
  6. Vault weight capacity exceeds the possibility to overload for its volume
  7. Scanning time; 1 second
  8. Operating temperature; -30 F to 150 F
  9. Up to 30 users (each user can scan fingerprint 2 times for a faster recognition)
  10. Five pin tumbler rekeyable KW1 keyway, as compared to most biometric locks with proprietary keyways (Unique feature)
  11. One inch brass deadbolt with case-hardened steel roller pin to resist sawing, as compared to hollow tin deadbolts for most other biometric locks (Unique Feature)
  12. ANSI Grade 3 certified deadbolt (Unique Feature)
  13. Weatherproof deadbolt- Fully resistant to rain, snow, temperature extremes, humidity, UV and dust. No other biometric deadbolt can make these claims (Unique Feature)
  14. Deadbolt is mounted internally through the door for better security, as opposed to externally on the door like many other biometric deadbolts
  15. Sliding weather cover also triggers deadbolt to re-engage (no tricky buttons to push or PIN Codes to recall)
  16. Easy to program and operate
  17. Battery operation with low battery alert- non-volatile memory will not delete stored fingerprints (even if batteries expire)
  18. Sliding weather cover triggers sensor to power on automatically
  19. False Acceptance Rate (FAR) <.0001%
  20. False Rejection Rate <.01%
  21. Power Supply four (4) AA size alkaline batteries
  22. Solid brass cylinder plug (Unique Feature)
  23. Includes three nickel plated brass keys for override (Unique Feature)
  24. Elegant and contemporary appearance
  25. Two Year Warranty- as compared to most locks with a one year warranty (Unique Feature)
  26. Certifications CE & FCC
  27. Cylinder meets ANSI A156.5 2001, Grade 3

For technical support call 1- 315-635-5540