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Little Deer Antlers - pure shapes of simplicity, balance, and lines

Lucky U

This PB category was made necessary do to relentless badgering from various galleries for me to produce smaller, faster, more affordable works because of slowing art sales brought to us by the greedy bastards on Wall Street and the treasonous politicians in Washington , DC , who let economic oversight slip to the very edge of the abyss. This category was also made necessary because of my addiction, i.e. the addiction to produce large expensive works in bronze that need continuous funding somehow.

This PB section of the website is for presenting very affordable works cast in bronze which either I did not sculpt and or found objects onto which I added my touch, some shapes are so pure (like the little deer antler) that no human hand could ever possibly improve on its balance, shape, lines and simplicity. This is a subject worth simply preserving. The horseshoe that I found nails and all will bring luck to its owners as promised by my small addition of copy Lucky U.

Don't tell Joanne, the Turquoise Door Gallery owner but the PB engraved onto these small bronzes does not stand for preservation bronze. Yes, I will admit; I am a bit of a whore when it comes to my addictions.

My world is all about respect: give it, get it. All images and work shown on this site are my personal property and are copyrighted far beyond the shallow limits of the law. These images may not—I repeat: may not—be copied or reproduced in any manner in part or whole without my written permission. Taking any images off this site or knocking off my work without my written permission shows a serious lack of respect for me and my creativity, which I don't take lightly. If you need something, Ask! Want to use a part of my design? Don't be a thief; grow some balls and ask. It’s really simple.
You have been respectfully warned.
R Garth