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I receive many requests from close associates to sculpt something for their bikes such as gas caps, foot pegs, tank ornaments, and shifters. Since most of my biker friends will never shell out the bucks for one of my larger works, I came up with Boot Tats© a signed, personalized, affordable, original work in bronze. No two are exactly the same making them an original, signed sculpture in bronze or aluminum. These are true 1 of 1 editions hand sculpted by me.

Boot Tats© are guaranteed to attract attention and start conversation—particularly because the 2nd thing a biker chick looks at is a man’s boots. The outcome of such attention is up to you and your skill set. And, the first thing they look at is up for debate and still being researched…stay tuned.

Boot Tats© are the perfect gift for the biker who has everything or the one who has almost nothing. Between my larger projects, I hand sculpt either one or a set of Boot Tats© for my friends. The sculpting is the fun part. It’s the 13 step casting process that is the bitch making up most of the cost. (Bronzing Process steps 2, 3, 5; Bronzing Process steps 8, 9, 10).

And, for you Ladies, think of Boot Bling©—the possibilities are only limited by ergonomic safety and the dollars you may wish to expend on inlayed jewels.

Metal Type
Metal Type

To purchase a Boot Tat©, pay here

Metal Type

Then, Physically Mail your Boot and Desired Image to be Sculpted to
223 West Bulldog Blvd. #305 •  Provo, Utah 84604:


More Info About The Boot & Image

    1. Your boot must be of quality leather with a leather top and sub sole. Vibram soles are good. The install is permanent so be prepared to re-sole the boots over and over.
    2. Your image must respect copy rights. Either send me the image you want sculpted or several images to use as inspiration. Keep it really simple since the Boot Tats© are small in scale. If you order two (2) Boot Tats©, send two (2) different images or be prepared for slight differences in the work because they will each be hand sculpted and will not be exactly the same.

Turn Around and Delivery

Plan on a 30 to 45 day turnaround. The next time you see your boots, they will be wicked sick!

Ride safe & rage against the machine!

My world is all about respect: give it, get it. All images and work shown on this site are my personal property and are copyrighted far beyond the shallow limits of the law. These images may not—I repeat: may not—be copied or reproduced in any manner in part or whole without my written permission. Taking any images off this site or knocking off my work without my written permission shows a serious lack of respect for me and my creativity, which I don't take lightly. If you need something, Ask! Want to use a part of my design? Don't be a thief; grow some balls and ask. It’s really simple.
You have been respectfully warned.
R Garth