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In Memorium:

T-Max (1958 - 2008) and Some of his Friends at his funeral in February.

Please view the
T-Max Tribute from Chris Palmer on Vimeo.
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A story about Chuck Zito, TMax, R. Garth, and Hacienda Harley.

Brother T-Max Always Packing

Limited Edition, 500 lb. Hand Gun Vault.
First casted March 2006 for 863 lb. gun safe equiped with state-of-the-art biometric lock and solid steel structure.
To order, call 801-318-3905 or email

TMax Alway's Packin' Story Behind the Piece
TMax Alway's Packin' Benefits, Options, and Details
TMax Alway's Packin' Kinetic Specifications and Features
Brother TMax. Partial Biography of Ted Schlicker.


Beginning Stages

Beauty and the beast . . . and the beast.
East Meets West Bike Show
Scottsdale, AZ


Base for TMax; pedestal is amongst thorns.

Father & Son, Nathan & Daniel,
making the Mother Mold.

  1/4" milled steel vault walls Biometric lock being fitted to vault door Milled solid steel pedistal bust turn table
  Sculpture base & milled upper turn table TMax vault door & sculpture base Solid steel vault door with precision milled lock set for arm
  Biometric prototype vault and lock.
Vault door is concealed with flip-down armor.
The opposite vault wall will get a vault tensioner that will pop the gun drrawer out when lock is disengaged. 1.5" solid steel vault face frame and door. When extended, drawer guide will hold 1,000 lbs. of ammunition or gold without sagging.
  TMax vault bolts to the floor. Backside.  
RGarth at Joe's Shop outfitting the kinetic features of T-Max: swivel bust, bio-metric lock, and sliding cantilevered vault. Now ready for patina finish.
Unfinished, but assembled vault drawer. Solid milled steel.
    Rgarth working out last-minute detail prior to patina. Fitting armor for vault.
  Rubber being pulled from brown wax casts of armor. Deciding how to hinge the armor. Patina process: Flame and acid process with Brian.
  Women still prefer the strong silent type
when it comes to protecting their booty.
  The fact is that each and every casting in this series is in reality 30 individual castings that are smithed together, tailor fitted with all the moving parts, milled, forged, assembled, finished, and patina. This makes each casting individually tailored and hand crafted, numbered, and personalized. No two are the same in the same way that no two art collectors are the same. It's an honor to have a living legend purchase #001.
Also available in a different patina

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