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Missy Flies
Casting late summer 2009
R. Garth and Missy Flies being intervied for FAME*IS TV at the Sundance Film Festival.
Missy Flies in the armature phase.
“Missy Flies”
a bronze work in progress

The following word description of Missy Flies is meant only for those who do not know Missy---rather if you do know her, words are not necessary because the work speaks for itself.

Missy is one of those rare souls that come along every (100) millionth person or so, a true alpha female, fearlessly contrary to polite society. Totally dedicated to her little son, Torque, depicted in the sketch trustingly clutching his Mom (the protector) as they ride Missy's Dyna Purple Harley FXDX hog.

As seen in the (clay phase) at the Park City Turquoise Door Gallery during an exhibition sculpting session for the Sundance Film Festival January ‘09. A gnarly road is portrayed with double yellow center lines and runs almost the full length of the piece, the road symbolizes the road of life with all its unpredictability and is a facsimile of one of those stretches of state highway running from Arizona into Nevada, long forgotten by the state road department, the last time it had a chip seal was around 1957, randomly edged and deeply fractured like an old Navajo's face, and pot holes that will (as your day dream suddenly ends) swallow your front end and instantaneously blow both fork seals of even the newest street guide.

Floating along beneath the old road is the mother of all grim reapers who has for these last many years jealously and meticulously mirrored and shadowed Missy, patiently awaiting the opportunity to claim her. However… Missy's strengths keep this event at bay.

1 st and foremost, because of Missy's total love and dedication to her son Torque and his dependence on her.

And because Missy was taught to ride by her father and brother both men have run with the pack.

And that of Missy's pedigree, she grew up in a 1% er family, an outlaw biker gene pool for sure, street smart and world wise. She is defensively observant and physically strong with cat like reflexes.

But suddenly on this lonesome stretch of desert backroads the opportunity finally arrives ending the reapers decades long wait.

The old highway sharply curves and drops away, a recent flash flood has taken out the road, its abrupt end known only to the reaper who now seizes the moment, with precision. First, she brings her sickle down with great force narrowly missing the hogs back legs, the blade imbedding deeply into the blacktop. However, even before the asphalt chunks can hit the ground. Missy's hog is using them as a spring board to take flight.

This seasoned reaper is quick to use her powers of deception, deciding to give away her position by letting her ancient hooded robe appear from beneath the roadbed which has concealed her for so long, she knows this long sought prize is worth the risk .

These tactics are calculated to draw Missy's attention from the boney hand being thrust up through the pavement ready to snatch the sacred silver riding bell from off the hog's hind leg (the kiss of death to believing bikers), all within the time it takes to click of the safety of an 1911 this bitch reaper has made her long anticipated move.

But No! Not Tonight!

Anyone who has ridden with Missy will tell you “Ya, she takes huge risks sometimes, like blowing between tractor trailer diesels as they merge onto the loop 101 and that's even before the 1 st beer stop on a run and prior to the all out race back home to Hacienda Harley for the big party”. Friends will also tell you that she rides responsibly, “you know what she is going to do and when she's going to change lanes or turn, just by her body language”.

Missy has been taught to run with the big dogs (peg to peg at 110). Thusly sculpted in her trusty Hog's strict obedience and lightening fast reflex to take flight, now! And to the right! Following Missy down the freeway is like trying to follow an F/A 18 as it would strategically bank in and out of traffic. Pure freedom, in fact the following famous quote comes to mind, “We are all born into this world but most us never really live.”

Missy not only lives, she flies due in no small part to the fact that since a young age she was bought up to take no shit from anyone, thus the crowning middle finger proudly hoisted to the world as Missy Flies atop her hog!

Missy, I sure hope you explain to your big brother, Rick that we are close friends because I don't want an ass woopen' for sculpting you as a nude!

Ride well and fly high!

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R Garth