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My passion? Wicked Sick Bronze. If you ride, it will move you. If you don’t ride, you won’t get it, so don’t waste your time.

If you like my work, great. But you had better know how to ride if you want me to do a piece for you.
In order for me to get to know more of who you are, a road trip is required.
Capturing those rare expressions, the ones seen only by your closest friends, isn’t going to happen sitting in some trendy coffee shop.
A trip to La Tierra Dura, just north of the Mexican border, to catch the cockfights,
or a sweat with the White Mountain Apaches has always worked for me.

Simply put, this is how it works.
If we click, I will do the work.


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Ride Pics / Events: 2012 top    
Sturgis Run 2012    
View The Slideshow. (Warning: The slideshow may take a few minutes to load.)
Salt Lake City Gallery Opening    
Ride Pics / Events: 2009 top    

Click & Badger
Sundance Film Festival

Michael Fredo, Sr. Producer / Lead Anchor, of FAME*IS TV interviewed R Garth at the Sundance Film Festival

The sun rolling into place and at rest after a long day.
Captured by Robert Jon.
Some of the AZ boys stop by this summer...Hell, yes, it will start!
News flash! A biker named Stinger gave birth to a baby hog at Sturgis last year. Bystanders were amazed to see just how fully developed it was. The men he rides with said they had been suspicious for quite some time due to the tail Stinger was starting to grow and because Stinger had been drinking and eating for two for quite some time...and if you think that was funny!
Stinger on his way through the shortcut to Sturgis with some buddies.
The lost boys hanging out at the clubhouse.
Always in trouble.
Awesome pic by Lincoln Palmer.
Ride Pics: 2008 top    
13th Annual Nebo Run with Founders David & Kriste Young        
Founders' 13th Nebo run & 25th Sturgis & counting!
The founders
The wild one
The FXR from Hell.
Did ya see the ass on the silver Gold Wing?
Fast, black, and rusted. None more beautiful.
Artist extra-
ordinaire. See mafiametal.com
Young bucks
Invited foreign guest
Top of the world
Utah has altitude and cool attidtude
Late spring run down to Monument Valley            
R.Garth sanding T-Max's urn built by Robert Jon              
Lying hunters tracking dogs. R. Garth and Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, at end of hunt. Badger, Click and the Morrison Boys, late summer in Park City R. Garth and Robert Jon   R. Garth and Joanne at Turquoise Door
Ride Pics: 2007 top            
El Cid & Jawbone
Jawbone leads a study group
Well, I think we are in for a ton of crap
Kicking back after a hard day on the range

El Cid, Jawbone,
and Scalper

Don't interrupt me.
Jawbone, not Manson
'07 Sundance Film Festival
TMax at Turquoise Door

R. Garth's solo run to a wedding and of course a chance to open up the 95 inch S&S stroker caged inside the frame of my old FXR, the trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats was fast, 1-80 West, No Cops! From Salt Lake City to the turn off just outside of Wendover, Nevada. 120 mph most of the way across the open salt; straight as an arrow roads and low traffic.

The Klocks in the photos below are two of the most cool, free spirited people you will ever meet and guess what… grounded and successful, www.kustombaggers.com. The ominous storm approaching from the west began to split and go south the same hour as the ceremony. If one believes in omens, this bodes well for the new couple and their daughters both on and off the salt.

Laura's 147.359 mph still stands as the fastest bags, Wow! Beautiful and Ballsie! Check out this article about the Klocks.

Wedding pics courtesy of my good friend, Dipl.-Ing. Horst Rösler
Winter Count          
Rabbit Stick        
Ride Pics: 2006 top    
Road trip after sturgis    
Ride Pics: 2005 top    
Los Pobres, NM
Pre-run for the First Annual Brother P. Memorial Run to benefit the "Kids of Florence" who need dental work while parents inside Florence Federal Prison, AZ. Destination: the cock fights just north of the Mexican border in New Mexico. Just a few of the boys went down to check it out.
Livin' It Up: Tierra Dura Movie Project top  

My passions are being recorded in a new movie project by Flynn-Daines Productions documents the life of bikes, cockfights, and hard-core partying. If you want to check out the prototype and may be keen to invest, let me know.

Open casting call to bikers & cockers, extras needed for the following locations:

  • Hacienda Harley, Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Ben's House Bar, Benson, Arizona
  • Cid Bones Bike Bar, Florence, Arizona
  • Los Pobres Club, Deming, Arizona
  • Sky Harbor, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Jawbone's Farm, Chandler, Arizona

Please contact Randy at info@rgarthstudios.com.

Shots from the set of "The Dance" movie.
Livin' It Up: The Inimitable top    
A story about Chuck Zito, R. Garth, TMax, and Hacienda Harley.
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R. Garth feature news article.
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